Actualización Estudio de aspectos Graphology


Graphology is the study of handwriting causes features.
Thus features of handwriting causes could be environment, such a pen or paper conditions or the temperature, could be physiological that’s perturb the fine motor, or psychological.
In case of the environment’s causes, there’s not a permanent characteristic of the handwriting, so, we should know, without confuse, which is a permanent feature and which not.

How we proceed to the study of handwriting?

Firstable, should mention that handwritings are times and spaces actions as a dynamic things whereas study, are static and permanent.
So, we should to unfolding us to see what was happen in time that’s the writing was made.
Considering this, we start de analysis, with the environment’s causes. Those causes exclude the physical and psychological ones. In the same way, the physical’s causes of the handwriting features exclude the psychological ones. So, the psychological interpretation of the handwriting is the last thing we do.
Secondly we elaborate a hypothesis of the probable causes of those
graphic expression.
Finally, we have to verify the hypothesis and make a conclusion.

The elemental structure needed by handwritings are:

The movement or impulse by the progression forces: To write, we must
move the hand. Is an unconscious release expression
The form of letters and words: The movement objective is to write
something, an idea, or phrase following a model calligraphy that bring us
the parameter of how a letter would be made. Is a conscious contraction
Pressure as an occupied spaces: Other way, we would have a movement
in the air. The pressure is necessary to have a permanent write ink in a
paper. Is a conscious energy release.
Space as the support where we write like the paper: When we write we
need a space where the ink writing take shape. We consider any blank in
the paper; Space between letter, words, lines, margins, etc. Is an
unconscious contraction expression.

The relationship between each other

Considering the structure, we need to mention the relationship between
movement and form, and between pressure and space.

The relationship between movement and form.

As we said, the movement is the impulse of progression forces. Has not a
clue of where’s the direction should take. Is a primitive or an instinct
action. Without the movement we don’t have an action. Is an unconscious
energy release on the environment called paper.
The form is the way movements should go. Is the voluntary thing, making
the move take a specific way. Is the movement control, looking the
objective. Is the conscious control of the movement, repressing energy.
So, movement is unintentional energy release, and form is an intentional
control of energy.
In this relations, we see the nature and primitive instinct of the person
fighting with the social control. In Klages terms, the spirit against the

The relationship between pressure and space.

This relationship in other way is the relations of occupied space by the
ink of the stroke and the space not occupied by strokes. Whereas strokes
are a conscious release energy action, on the other hand, spaces are the
unconscious limitation of energy action.
Refers to harmonic distribution of handwriting.
The pressure as strokes are the manifested action and the spaces are
thus that been not manifested.

What we say and what we don’t say, what we shut up.
The pressure also have another dimension referring how deep the stroke
it is.
More deeply, more passion in the action we expressed or manifested, lees
deep, lees passion, and more sensitive of the environment. Thus refers if
we are able to make a change in the nature of things, if we are more
mental than physical.

The energy and two forces of the handwriting.

The handwriting is possible thanks to two forces.
Deep or inscription forces and impulse or progression forces. Both forces emerges by brain energy.
The inscription forces are noticed and perceived in pressures, on how deep the strokes are, and the progression forces are noticed on the movements
As said, those forces have the same font of energy; the brain.
Is the brain that make our hand move and press, distributing the energy in those mentioned forces.

This does not means that the greater pressure, the less movement it is, or in the other hand, by the less inscription, the more movement it is, but
potentially it is.

To clarify we can say that using the same quantity of energy, would be less the progression force that we notice, if pressure would be more deeply, and vice versa.

Some practice

In a scripture we must distinguish whether movement or form
predominates, in a gestalt way.

In case we have a movement predominates, is because probably, the person are more spontaneous, natural, impulsive and emotional.
Remember what we said about energy release in movement.
In case we have a form predominates, is because probably, the person are more controlled in a social way. Drives his behavior in socially correct or expected way.
Remember what we said about energy control in forms aspect.

Now we must distinguish whether pressure as strokes occupying blank spaces or the spaces not occupied by strokes predominates.

In case we have a lot of space occupied with strokes of letter, and words,
almost without no blank, it means that the writer is a very active person.
Communicative, extraverted and has a needed to express.
In the other hand, if we have a letter with a lot of blank, where spaces are
not occupied, it is means the person is not a talkative one. Silence and meditative person. Reflexive and not such an active as the other one.

The combination

The graphology art is to make a global integration of a unique and complex writing.
So, combined the element we saw, we could say that we could have a letter dominated with movement and pressure. That’s mean a person who is very active, impulsive, dynamic and spontaneous. Everything he think, everything he express. Very emotional that need to manifest feeling to the environment.

If we have a combination of movement and space dominant, we are on front of a person’s letter that are very emotional, insecure, with dubitative thinking. The person need to manifest the questions he have. It is relating to a nervous temperament.
Prefer don’t speak than talk and make it in a wrong way.

In the other hand, if we have a form dominant whit a lot of space, we are in front of a very quiet, silence and structured person. Thinking before acting, and acting as well.
The person have such a control of what’s could said and what’s could not said.

If the predominates of form appears with no blank because the pressure
are dominant, we are in front of a person’s letter that is very structured
and programmatic. A rigid person that have no possibilities to depart of
norms or the expected thing by society.
Monotonous and repetitive person, making everything as was stipulated.

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